Tata Motors sells 87,465 vehicles in January 2012, registers highest sales in passenger vehicle segment

Friday 03 February 2012, 10:17 AM by

Tata Motors registered a consolidated 16 per cent increase in sales in January 2012 in the domestic and international markets. The company successfully rolled out a total of 87,465 units in the first month of 2012, including exports. It was also able to sell 80,382 Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in January 2012 in India. This marks a 14 per cent growth over the same month in the previous year, when 70,475 units were sold by the manufacturer in the domestic market. On the whole, 714,235 units were sold in the current fiscal year, as compared to 642,415 units sold last year, representing an 11 per cent increase.

Commercial Vehicles

In the commercial vehicle segment, Tata Motors was able to roll out 45,713 units in January 2012. Against the 40,263 vehicles that hit the roads in the first month of 2011, the company exhibited a growth of 14 per cent this year. As compared to 23,776 Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) sold in January 2011, the manufacturer was able to sell 27,375 units this year, a 15 per cent year-over-year increase. Tata recorded sales of 18,338 Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCVs) in 2012, an 11 per cent increase over the 16,487 units it rolled out in the previous year.

The total commercial vehicle sales for the current fiscal year were 420,045, a rise of 18 per cent over the previous year. Collective LCV sales grew by 24 per cent to 254,340 units, while the sales of M&HCVs rose by 10 per cent over the same time period to 165,705 vehicles.

Passenger Vehicles

The total sales and distribution offtake of passenger vehicles by the company went up by 14 per cent to 36,770 vehicles (34,669 Tata & 2,101 Fiat) in January 2012 from 32,386 units (30,212 Tata & 2,174 Fiat) last January. The number of Tata passenger vehicles sold in January 2012 increased by 15 per cent over January 2011, from 30,212. By selling 34,669 passenger vehicles in the first month of the current year, the company registered the highest monthly sales figures.

Tata Nano sales shot up by 15 per cent in January 2012 over the same period in the previous year, from 6703 vehicles to 7723 units. A total of 11,534 units of the Indica range were sold in January 2012, a 9 per cent year-over-year increase against the 10,591 units Tata Motors sold in January 2011. The sales of Indigo range also went up by 10 per cent in January 2012, riding on a year-over-year increase from 8,456 units in the previous year to 9,272 vehicles this year. The manufacturer was able to sell a total of 6,140 units of the Sumo / Safari / Aria / Venture range, a 38 per cent increase as compared to the 4,462 vehicles rolled out in January 2011. Tata Motors was able to maintain the sales increase of its Jaguar Land Rover range as well in the domestic market.

The company's collective sales and distribution offtake for passenger vehicles in India for the ongoing fiscal was recorded as 254,870 units (241,894 Tata + 12,976 Fiat), compared to the 256,268 vehicles (238,909 Tata + 17,359 Fiat) sold in the previous year. A total of 241,894 units of Tata passenger vehicles were sold by the company, against 238,909 vehicles sold till January 2011.

The collective sales of Nano rose by 3 per cent year-over-year, from 53,463 units till January 2011 to 54,835 units this year. The cumulative sales of Indica cars during the same period went up by 4 per cent to 83,862 units. Likewise, there was a 29 per cent increase in the cumulative sales of Sumo / Safari / Aria / Venture range, with a total of 42,354 vehicles sold. The company managed to sell 60,843 units of the Indigo series, a decrease of 15 per cent.


Tata Motors successfully increased its export figures in January 2012 over the same month last year by 43 per cent, from 4,948 to 7,083 vehicles. Overall, the sales from exports during the current fiscal were 52,296 units, an increase of 10 per cent over the 47,608 units sold during the same period in the previous year.

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