Tata Motors introduces new features in its FleetMan service

Monday 18 November 2013, 10:11 AM by

Tata Motors recent announced that it has introduced four new features in FleetMan service in India. The motive cited by the company behind new additional features was to enhance economy, safety and communication security of fleet operations. Also to mention, the Tata FleetMan service would now be accessible on major mobile platforms. The new features comprise Tata FleetMan Mobile Application, Idling Management, monitoring of sudden acceleration and harsh braking levels in addition to the 256 bit encryption for all data communication.

Tata Motors introduces new features in its FleetMan service | CarTrade.com
Tata Motors introduces new features in its FleetMan service

The company also said that this task of upgrading the system on all vehicles was done remotely through FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) transmission. This process was completed successfully by the company on all its FleetMan fitted vehicles without disrupting the standard operation of any vehicle.

Commenting on this Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles for Tata Motors said, “The Tata FleetMan Telematics and Fleet management service has been further developed to address pressing concerns of the transport industry. The Tata FleetMan mobile application, FOTA capability, and the new features launched, demonstrate the great strides Tata Motors has made in the high technology world of Fleet Telematics. They also underscore our commitment to provide added value to our Commercial vehicle customers through enhancements in productivity, safety and economy of their operations.”

With this mobile application, owners of vehicles from Tata Motors can now track their cars from their smartphones. Named as Tata FleetMan Mobile Application, it will soon roll out on the application store of both Android and iOS platforms as free. In this app, a contemporary user interface is provided to track the vehicle all over the country on Google Maps.

Through this application, the company has also introduced a new found feature in which sudden acceleration thrusts and harsh braking alerts, helps drivers to monitor their performance while driving thereby reducing the risk of an accident. The other feature, called Idling Management, helps the fleet operators to carefully monitor and manage their idling time thereby reducing the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Above all, the most striking new feature given in Tata FleetMan is the incorporation of 256 bit encryption of all the data that has been communicated between the server and the vehicle in order to secure the information from being used wrongfully.

It must be mentioned that Tata FleetMan is a fleet managing service launched by Tata Motors in India on its commercial vehicles. The function is provided on almost all of the commercial vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors and one can also get it as fitted from after market. Tata FleetMan, marketed and supported by Tata Motors, is available on all-India commercial vehicle dealer and service networks.

In commercial vehicles, Tata Motors is currently the market leader while it features among the top five passenger car makers of India. Also to mention, it is one of the fifth largest truck and fourth largest bus manufacturer in the world. Over the years, the company has expanded its presence in several markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, South America and Russia.

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