Status symbol dominates car buyers choice

Saturday 17 November 2007, 00:00 AM by Viktor

New Delhi, Consumers prefer to buy their cars under specific parameters ? sporty, hi-tech, status, comfort and dynamic.

According to a study conducted by TNS Automotive based on consumer psychology of 2,500 customers, 19 per cent of buyers purchase cars due to its status symbol and a similar number in the ?potency? category choose a product due to its attractiveness and style. Another 18 per cent consumers that fall in the ?control? category use the risk averse and protection parameters for their choice.

The study divided consumer psychology into six categories such as potency, status, control, security, comfort and liberation. About 14 per cent respondents were found to buy cars for their security features and 18 per cent based their choice on inherent comfort features. The TNS study revealed that the ?liberation? category that defines buyers based on the car?s carefree, enthusiastic and youthful appeal has been the lowest at about 13 per cent, yet has been the fastest growing with features such as sporty interiors, auto transmission and navigation systems.

?Marketers in the country face challenges in positioning their brand appeal across the country as vast and diverse as India,? said Mr Pradeep Saxena, Senior Vice-President, TNS Automotive India.

While Honda City, which dominated the mid-size luxury segment before the launch of SX4, evoked appeal based on the premium image of the company, Maruti?s SX4 has been targeting those who would like to be associated with an ambitious user personality. However, Hyundai Verna and Chevrolet Spark lack a distinct appeal in any niche segment.

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