Speculations around the facelifted Verito gains momentum with an undisguised test mule spotted

Wednesday 25 July 2012, 10:15 AM by

Mahindra and Mahindra is again in news, owing to its only car in the sedan portfolio, Verito, which has undergone a facelift. Recently, an un-camouflaged revamped version of the Mahindra Verito was spotted on the lens. It looks like even Mahindra was aware of the downsides of the boxy looks that featured on the earlier generation of the car and thus, it has re-worked the dated looks of the car to make way for a curvy appearance. On its exteriors, the car features an all-new front grille incorporating horizontal slats and a chrome strip. The headlamps too have been revamped, providing sufficient space to house XUV500 like LED strip at the bottom. If the company introduces LED strip in the revamped version of Verito, it will be the only car in its segment to boasts of this feature.

Speculations around the facelifted Verito gains momentum with an undisguised test mule spotted  | CarTrade.com
Speculations around the facelifted Verito gains momentum with an undisguised

Five years back, Renault hopped on to the bandwagon of the automotive companies heading towards India and formed a Joint Venture with the local player, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) in 2007 with latter owning 51 per cent stake. However, the collaboration between the two did not work well and they decided to end-up the alliance in April, 2010. At the time of winding up the books, M&M purchased the remaining 49 per cent stake to retain the rights of their sole launch, Logan sedan.

The car was the reason behind the split between the companies as it failed to pull the expected sales volume in the country. The alliance had to face a lot of heat owing to the boxy and bland look of their sole launch with the weird ergonomics of the same. The right hand drive system of Logan shared several features and functions followed in the left hand drive pattern, which exhausted the buyers.

Since then a handful of favourable modifications were brought to the car and M&M re-launched the Logan as Mahindra Verito. Owing to its durability and capacious cabin with a massive boot, Mahindra Verito was well-appreciated in the country. Concerning the present scenario, the car is demanding a facelift since quite sometime due to its slightly dated looks. This fact did not go unnoticed by the car maker, which has apparently been working on the model.

With all the favourable modifications incorporated within the new model, its design has been also refined to certain heights. Considering the changes in the exterior appearance of the model, the rear end holds the redesigned tail lamps, whereas the bumper also received a minuscule overhaul with the number plate now being placed on the boot-lid. It is expected that the car maker will retain the powertrain specifications from its earlier model.

With the facelifted test-mule being spotted undisguised, the rumours have again paced the momentum that the launch of the new car is just around the corner.

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