Small Car Segment Rules in Indian Auto Market

Saturday 10 May 2008, 00:00 AM by Satish

After the great slump in the market in past few months, Indian auto market does not show any signs of slowing down. Car sales have gone up again in April and small car segment in India is stronger than ever. Nearly every car maker in India is planning to launch its own model in the small car segment. Most of the car companies have already announced their investment plans for coming few years.

Suzuki and Hyundai Motors are the two strongest players in the segment and India also acts as an export hub for both the companies. Both the companies have already shifted their manufacturing base to India completely. Maruti Suzuki launched Dzire a few months back and is already a success. It plans to launch two new models A-Star and Splash in the small car segment this year. Hyundai has also launched i10 here but i20 shall be manufactured currently only for the European markets.

Volkswagen Up!, Bajaj small car, Tata Nano are other small cars in this segment and Nano has already created enough buzz in the auto market around the world. Skoda shall roll out its new hatchback model Fabia next year.

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