Skoda Octavia Production crosses Half Million within Two Years

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Reaching a half million sold units landmark is not a small thing and when it is done in a period of mere two years; it becomes all the more remarkable. Skoda Octavia has done the same thing just in a couple of years within its launch, displaying how much successful the car has been across the globe. The third generation Octavia is definitely a stand out performer when it comes to safety, size, comfort, weight, fuel efficiency and performance.

Skoda Octavia Production crosses Half Million within Two Years |
Skoda Octavia

The new Octavia has been uniquely designed to make it more versatile than its previous generations. So many variations and options are available on this model that it can really be helpful for customers of all types. The new model comes with petrol or a diesel engine option, and also a choice can be made if you are looking for a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive option. The model comes as a sedan or an estate and even a CNG variant is up for sale. Skoda has come up with the performance ready vRS option, which is the fastest among all the variants. A new fuel-efficient Octavia GreenLine can also be opted for, which consumes only 3.2 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres. The auto emission for this model stands at 85 grams for a kilometre. All these variations and facilities have made Octavia the most important model in the line-up for the company today.

The model was launched in the country in November last year and has not been able to gain the momentum here, yet. However, the sales of Octavia in Western Europe witnessed a hike of 24.7 per cent. Apart from this fact, the model also topped the charts in comparison tests as well as received a plethora of awards in the segment.

Skoda Octavia, apart from being produced in Czech Republic, is also manufactured in Russia, China, India, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The Chinese market has been immensely beneficial for the car where it was launched in the middle of 2014 and the car witnessed a gain of 112.4 per cent by November 2014. The auto maker is expected to increase its global sales by 1.5 million per year riding on the success of Octavia.

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