Showcased at 2012 Auto Expo, MR Wagon and Solio would prove to be ideal for Indian roads

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MR Wagon and Solio, the two best selling cars in Japan, from the stables of Suzuki were showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo held in Delhi earlier this year. However, the cars did not receive much attention; maybe because there was no definite launch date for these vehicles fixed by the Japanese company in India. With a flurry of vehicles set to hit roads in the country in the coming year, there are expectations that the all new MR Wagon and Solio too would make its way into the country soon.

Showcased at 2012 Auto Expo, MR Wagon and Solio would prove to be ideal for Indian roads |
Showcased at 2012 Auto Expo, MR Wagon

The Solio is a hatchback car with boxy appearance and comfortable interiors with ample amount of space. The Suzuki Solio with straight lines give an indication that the car has been built more for practicality and less for style. The Solio has been loaded with a large number of features and gizmos and promises a good fuel economy and plenty of space both for the passengers and luggage. The car has been provided with sliding doors on both the sides for easy ingress and egress.

The Solio hatchback has been provided by a one-touch double-folding rear seat that allows different combination of seat arrangements. The overall body of Solio is compact measuring just 3,710 mm in length and 1,660 mm in width. The car houses a 1.2 litre engine capable of churning out a power as high as 91 bhp combined with a CVT and front-wheel drive.

MR Wagon, the other car with a large number of features that were showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo to gauge customer reaction may be launched in India by the end of 2013. The MR Wagon too has a boxy appearance and plenty of space in the cabin. The Suzuki MR Wagon is a mini MPV with a seating capacity of four people and is presently available in Japan only. The car, though looks small from outside is spacious inside. The car has good headroom and legroom; thus making it comfortable.

The biggest question, however, lies whether these cars would be suitable for Indian roads. The cars being small in size and yet comfortable will be preferred by people especially for congested city roads. Moreover, as Maruti Estilo and Wagon R, which are almost similar vehicles, and are already making good sales in the country, there is every chance that the Solio and MR Wagon too would be embraced by the Indian buyers. Also as these cars offer great fuel economy, it would act as the bonus point for them amid soaring fuel prices. Already showcased at the 2012 Auto Expo, these cars should lure a good number of buyers when launched in the country.

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