Shane Warne and a cyclist get involved in a road rage incident

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The Australian cricket legend Shane Warne recently reported a road rage incident with a cyclist to the police. This event occurred a few days after Shane Warne stated that it should be mandatory for the cyclists to shell out registration fees and also be more cautious while riding on the roads. He also said that most cyclists feel that the entire road is their own.

Shane Warne used Twitter to narrate the entire incident in about twelve or more tweets. He wrote that while on his way home from a practicing session at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, a cyclist caught hold of the rear of his car and held on to it for a ‘free ride’. As the traffic lights turned green the cyclist rode past Shane’s car and hit on the bonnet of his car. The cyclist also used abusive language to insult the cricketer. Shane said that the cyclist was fortunate that he did not bother and commented "that I was being polite and careful and the drivers around him otherwise if anyone decided to be an idiot then he was in real trouble."

Shane Warne and a cyclist get involved in a road rage incident |
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The Australian cricketer has been frequently voicing his concerns to the councils and government to formulate stricter rules for cyclists since the past one week. He has appealed directly to the government to do something about it. According to Warne a couple of bad cyclists were a problem for all. "Can we crack down on them and change the law please it’s too dangerous..." Warne said. He was evidently quite upset about the occurrence and stated that irresponsible cyclists disturb traffic.

However, Shane asserted that he was not against cyclists and was a fitness freak and supported cycling. This event occurred a few days after Shane Warne posted on twitter stressing on a ban on bikers if they did not ride in line, one after the other. Luke McKenzie, professional triathlete and six times Ironman champion, blamed Warne for spreading hatred towards cyclists. David Lee, Spokesman, Amy Gillet Foundation, stated that seeing someone as big as Warne create a rift between the drivers and bikers was indeed saddening. "Each road user group has a requirement to respect the rights of the other and inflaming the situation whether you are a cyclist or a driver, it doesn't help the issue," he said. He further added that the foundation will be more than happy to talk to Shane and explain to him about how cyclists also had a right to ride on the roads.

As per Jason den Hollander, Spokesperson, Bicycle Network Victoria, Shane Warne should know the rules of the road clearly and follow them like everyone else. "As a long time resident of Bayside, he should know the rules. We've been disappointed to see his recent calls for cyclists to ride in single file, as that isn't the law or the safest option," he added.

The cyclist in question, who wishes to remain anonymous, refutes Shane Warne’s acquisition saying that he did not do anything that the cricketer reported. In fact according to the cyclist, it was Shane himself who banged into his bike due to which he was unable to ride back home on it.

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