Second edition of Chai and Pakoda ride organised in Kolkata

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Recently, Indian Bike Week, one of the largest festival of bikes, biking enthusiasts and music lovers in India, commenced its second edition of “The Chai and Pakoda” breakfast ride. For those who wanted to promote their products in public or launch them, this festival provided a platform to showcase their bike models. To feel a sense of brotherhood, several young guys and girls joined together to be a part of the biggest Indian Bike Week motorcycle festival.

The kick off took place in Mumbai on 28th September and was further carried on to Kolkata.It witnessed around 30 notable biker groups including TeamRollers, BFR, Kolkata Riders, Chakra, Eastern Bulls, Kbikers, Gallivant Bikers, Bengal Lady Bikers, Highway Pandits, Riders of The Liberty and D4A on the Kolkata roads. A 150 km ride to Ahura Dabha, NH2 with some best known bike riders like Navin Sehgal (Head of Bengal Chapter Group) and Ved Dhote (SBK club, Kolkata) started their biking journey off late in India that will head to the formal ride in Goa in January, 2014.

Second edition of Chai and Pakoda ride organised in Kolkata |
Second edition of Chai and Pakoda ride organised in Kolkata

In light of the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of 70 EMG- Martin da Costa said, “We’re organizing Chai and Pakoda rides in 20 cities across India to bring riders together as a Brotherhood regardless of what they ride. Chai & Pakoda welcomes all bikers, and in Kolkata on Sunday we hit a record of over 300 guys and girls riding out together on their favourite machines. It is the start of what will lead up to the second edition of one of India’s biggest ever Festivals – India Bike Week ’14."

Talking about last year's edition, Keertan Adyanthaya, who is the Managing Director of Fox International Channels commented, “Last year, the Chai and Pakoda rides were organised in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Shillong, Kochi and Bangalore and the participation was over-whelming. This year we expect that the participation will increase in leaps and bounds with every city. Moreover, the most important festival of Bikers, Bikes, Music & Mayhem in Indian history i.e India Bike Week is being held in Goa from January 17 and 18 in 2014 and these Chai & Pakoda rides are also a mode to spread the word about IBW.”

Faisal Chowdhry, who is the head of The Eastern Bulls Group (the first Bullet club in East India) spoke about his love and passion for bikes. Notably, he has over 40 bikes, which he has been riding for almost two decades. He was really excited to share his penchant, love and passion for bike riding.

However, if we have a look at the past, then the Indian Bike Week saw a huge participation in its first edition with 6,500 bikers involved. After receiving such overwhelming response across the country, the Indian Bike Week is all geared up for its second edition to allow 10,000 bikers participate in January, 2014 event to be held in Goa.

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