San Diego coming out of recession

Friday 30 December 2011, 11:59 AM by

The after math of recession continues to haunt some sectors but the eighth largest city in the U.S., San Diego is witnessing success with the auto sales in the 2011. As per the latest report from the California New Car Dealers Association, the customers from San Diego alone have purchased around 73,800 automobiles this year. In contrast to this figure mere 56,300 vehicles were purchased during 2009.

With the sudden rise in demand of vehicles, Marvin K. Brown dealership in Mission Valley is looking for new workers to deal with unexpected increase in automobile demand. Rising sales graph has also prompted auto dealers from Carlsbad to open brand new showrooms for car models like Fiats, Jaguar and Land Rover. The improvement in automobile sales will attract some of the globally recognised car brands at the San Diego International Auto Show that starts today.

On the sales improvement, Lance Roberts, Director of public and regulatory affairs at the New Car Dealers Association of San Diego commented, “The momentum has been building over the past two years and that’s especially true now that the San Diego economy seems to have finally found its footing”.

Though the automobile sales have raised enough to tackle recession, the sales figure is still not close to the figures of 2004 and 2005 when buyers bought around 2 million cars in a year. To catch up with the earlier figures, retailers in San Diego are providing special discounts and deals to attract maximum customers. It can take around 4 more years in San Diego to bring back the automobile sales graph similar to pre-recession period.

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