Rolls-Royce Phantom Bespoke Chicane Coupe introduced

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Rolls-Royce, the iconic British auto maker, recently launched Phantom Bespoke Chicane Coupe. Adding to the Phantom family, a model of the brand Rolls-Royce, this luxurious and stylish car will entice the elite group of buyers. Phantom Bespoke Chicane Coupe is a timeless car that has unmatched beauty at par with other vehicles. The built of this car has been inspired from the Goodwood Motor Circuit, which is situated next to Rolls-Royce building in England.

Mohmammed El-Arishy, Dubai-based Brand Manager of Rolls-Royce, was quoted as saying, “I wanted to create a motor car that captures the unique atmosphere and history of the Goodwood motor circuit. Rolls-Royce’s connection to such an important centre of British motoring heritage is something that fascinates my customers.” Adding further, he said, “The experience of working with Rolls-Royce’s world-class designers to create the beautifully executed Chicane Phantom Coupé was exhilarating. The creativity, vision, skill and attention-to-detail employed in the crafting of these one-off motor cars is unsurpassed in the super-luxury world.”

Rolls-Royce Phantom Bespoke Chicane Coupe introduced |
Rolls-Royce Phantom Bespoke Chicane Coupe introduced

Coming to its exteriors, the body is of gun-metal finish while the hood and windscreen is painted in matte black. Built-in contemporary and classic style, this novice car captures the attention of exorbitant affluent class. This masterpiece from Rolls-Royce has coloured wheels that matches the exterior finish. Rendered with carbon fibre, the interiors are smooth enough to give a sporty layout to the buyers. Gavin Hartley of Bespoke Design Manager said, “Customers often task us with designing cars themed around a particularly passion or interest. The customer leads the creative process, working in collaboration with us to create a highly personal, one-off masterpiece. As Bespoke designers we take great satisfaction in turning these dreams into reality.”

For people who want to maintain their stature in the high class society, this finest and elegant looking car can be the most precious buy for their garage. If we have a look on its technical specifications, then this newly launch model of Phantom stands on the same boat with standard vehicles. Bespoke Chicane Coupe has a V12 engine with a capacity of 6.75-litre. It produces an output of 453 bhp, which allows the car to accelerate at 62 mph in 5.8 seconds, before shooting at 155 mph speed.

This royal looking Bespoke Chicane Coupe from Phantom Family was just released after the recent launch of Phantom Ghawwass Edition. The engineering and creativity of one of the finest automotive designers in the world has led to the creation of Phantom Bespoke Chicane Coupe. This is the second high profile launch from the iconic luxury car maker, Rolls Royce as it previously introduced its Wraith model across all major markets. The luxury saloon of the company was touted to be fastest and advanced Rolls-Royce ever built. At present, the car is available in the Indian car market at an ex-showroom price of Rs. 4.6 crore and is competing against the likes of Bentley Continental GT.

The demand for luxury cars has been increasing in India in the recent past as brands are planning to expand operations. Officials from Rolls-Royce, in recent times, have spoken about how important India for them. Top executives from the firm have always claimed that the brand has a dedicated following in India and customers have been loyal to them for a long time. In fact, a top official, during a recent event, claimed that despite the slowdown in Indian market, sales of models are unlikely to get affected. Sources have claimed that Rolls-Royce is likely to expand its operations in India in near future.

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