Riding on Modified motorbikes is the new fancy among Ranchi youths

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The popular city of Ranchi in the Indian State of Jharkhand has been known to be home to one of the most popular Indian cricket star MS Dhoni. This time around the city has gained popularity for youths who have developed a new fancy for modified bikes in the city. The bikes have been reportedly tweaked to make it look like popular international motorcycle brands.

The level of modification depends on personal preferences. Some young bikers are happy with simple changes like changing tail-lamps, headlamps, adding colorful stickers or tweaking the silencers, others are more keen on a complete overhaul that may cost anywhere about Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 extra.

Karbala Chowk in Ranchi has been the hot spot for youngsters looking out for bike modification or repair work. The youths tend to take this option, as bike modification costs are lesser in comparison to buying the original international version. One of students at bike modification store said, “If I buy a bike for Rs 60,000 on EMI and customize it to look like a foreign import sports bike (which costs lakhs) by adding another Rs 30,000, it makes for a great deal.”

A popular store owner near the Chowk said, “Many youngsters come to us to give their bike a new look either by changing a few parts or adding funky accessories. Some, however, want the whole bike modified. The minimum cost for changing the body of a bike is Rs 35,000, but this can go up to Rs 2 lakh, depending on the bike one wants to replicate. Depending on demand, we order modification kits from Delhi.”

Another mechanic in the city added, “The foreign import bikes give a low mileage, while the mileage of Indian bikes is very high. For example, Hayabusa, which costs Rs 17 lakh has a mileage of only 3 km/l. If a person gets a bike from here for Rs 60,000 - Rs.70,000 with a mileage of 20 or 30 kmph, modified to look like a Hayabusa by spending a lakh or two, he doesn't stand to lose anything.”

Source: TOI

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