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      REVOLO for 35% extra mileage and 30% less emissions

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      REVOLO, a plug-in parallel hybrid solution has been introduced for the automobiles, which can lower GHG (Green House Gas) emissions by 30% and enhance fuel efficiency by 35% in new as well as old vehicles. People are bearing the brunt of global economic slowdown and increase in fuel prices. The only solution to this problem is the availability of a technology that can assist in making the vehicles more efficient. REVOLO, by KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited, is the perfect answer to all these issues.

      It has been successful in its service and that is why REVOLO was presented with the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award under the ‘transport’ segment. This was a big achievement for KPIT Cummins as it is the first Indian enterprise to have been presented with this honour. In the past, REVOLO has won awards from NASSCOM and ISA for introducing outstanding innovation. Till date, 8 national and international awards have been bestowed upon REVOLO for its contribution to the automobile sector as an innovative technology that can provide real world solutions.

      At present, KPIT Cummins is in talks with the government to increase the use of REVOLO by retrofitting it in majority of vehicles. Apart from the permission to fit the technology inside automobiles, the company is also in discussion to introduce necessary vehicle regulations.

      The increase in mileage was certified by Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). The plug-in hybrid solution also provides more than 50% improvement while driving on highways and in cities. The technology brings down the maintenance cost and enhances engine life. Moreover, breakeven can be achieved in less than 2 years in commercial applications considering the higher mileage after assimilation of REVOLO. It can be retrofitted in vehicles in just 4-6 hours and enhances the power, makes driving easier.

      Details –

      • Plug-in – An external electricity source is used to charge batteries.
      • Parallel hybrid – The engine and motor operate together. The automobile will not operate as just an EV; rather it would function as a fuel vehicle when the batteries get discharged completely.
      • There is no user interruption as motor and engine share the load.
      • Batteries are charged via regenerative braking and opportunity based regeneration, which in turn improves the range per charge.
      • The fuel efficiency is improved in traffic situations due to in built ‘Stop-Start’ feature.
      • The in-built intelligence helps in identifying driving patterns and adjusts automatically to give optimum efficiency.
      • Selections provided by the user can alter the performance of the technology.
      • Solution can get accustomed to work with different types of batteries as it is battery-agnostic
      • It can be used even in vehicles that do not possess electronic engines and Engine Management System (EMS).
      • The system, which is equipped with the 3 phase induction motor, has low maintenance costs.
      • It can be retrofitted as an aftermarket accessory or assimilated as an Original Equipment Manufacturer integrated solution.
      • Till now, 14 international patents have been filed for the solutions in departments like motor designing, battery management, motor mounting, integrated system and control system.

      Mass Emission Test –

      Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is responsible for all the mass emission tests that proved that fitting in REVOLO hybrid solution results in 35%+ fuel efficiency and reduction in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions by 30%+. With the help of carbon balance method, cold cycle tests are carried out on the chassis dynamometer for measurements on the altered Indian driving cycle.

      The results are:


      800 cc hatchback

      Fuel Type


      Fuel efficiency improvement


      Reduction in CO2 Emission


      Reduction in NOX Emission


      Reduction in CO Emission


      Reduction in HC Emission


      Performance Results of Hybrid Solution –

      The results of the on-road tests carried out in city driving conditions are as follows:


      800 cc Hatchback

      800 cc Small LCV

      1400 cc Sedan

      Fuel Type




      Fuel Efficiency Improvement




      Batter Weight (additional)

      90 kg

      90 kg

      145 kg

      KPIT Cummins Infosystems Limited has executed over 800 trials of this solution so far and covered about 50,000 km. With all these successful tests, REVOLO promises to offer improved energy efficiency, safety, comfort and excellent driving experience.