Reva NXR to emerge as a trendsetting electric vehicle in the Indian auto market

Friday 28 September 2012, 10:56 AM by

Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Private Limited, earlier known as Reva Electric Car Company, has been coming with some great innovations in the Indian auto industry from a long time, but somehow the auto maker was unable to influence the Indian buyers. This time, it has been working on the improvement of its earlier model, which will be now introduced as Reva NXR. The auto company is all set to introduce the new model, but needs a little change in the country's infrastructure to make the upcoming model more viable.

With the launch of its new model, the company is foreseeing an eco-friendly environment, which will abstract from smoke-belching vehicles. NXR, believed to be a new generation edition of Reva, is expected to sparkle at the Indian shores before the end of 2012. Interestingly, speculations around the model revealed that the upcoming car will house solar charging lithium ion batteries, which will be more powerful and performance oriented than that of packed within the current model.

The new model from Reva will feature a seating capacity for four individuals and is anticipated to cover a distance of 100 km in a full charge. Within its new model, the auto maker has incorporated a number of new technologies and innovations, which will be seen for the first time in any of the same segment model. Features like Car2Home, Quick2Car and Sun2Car are believed to be equipped within the NXR, which will add to its efficiency.

Car2Home is an exclusive advancement, which allows individuals to power their house by using the car batteries, in case of emergency. The in-built computer system safely and smartly provides power to the house for quite a long time. It is believed that the battery of NXR hold sufficient charge to easily power a house with two fans, two lights and a television for a complete day. Adding a feather to its hat, the maintenance and operation cost of this feature is unexpectedly low.

Besides, Quick2Car will assist the owner in easily charging this new vehicle at public charging stations. Reportedly, in a mere charge of 15 minutes, NXR will have the potential to cover a distance of 25 km. Using this technology, the car will be fully charged in just 70 minutes. Using Sun2Car, NXR can be directly charged using Solar energy as the car has an in-built solar panel, which can deliver sufficient rate of charge to the model for around 15,000 km in a year. The mentioned feature can be easily installed at office or home, through which NXR can be driven easily.

Despite of all these advantages, the question still rises that whether India is still ready for the launch electric vehicles. Several countries like UK, Japan, Europe and China have already started welcoming such kinds of vehicles; however in case of India, the future of electric cars still lies in infancy. Considering the share of electric vehicles present in the country, India does not even appear on the chart. Industry experts believe that the country lacks on the grounds of proper infrastructure facilities as charging stations are not present in several part of India.

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