Report filed against police official for riding stolen bike

Tuesday 10 April 2012, 10:53 AM by

An Assistant Police Inspector Umesh Patil was caught on camera while patrolling in Nagpada, an area in South Mumbai, on a motorcycle with forged number plate. Inquires have exposed that the bike was provided to Patil by a person of that area who had the criminal record. The seniors of Patil have filed a complete report over the issue and represented it to the police commissioner, for actions against the offending officer.

The Assistant Police Inspector was found patrolling on a Honda Stunner, having a number MH43-AA-369. However, the mentioned number is registered for a Honda Shine bike under the name of retired BEST worker of Airoli. Following on the report, Arup Patnaik, the Commissioner of Police has started investigation and ordered Keshav Jadhav, the Deputy Commissioner of Police to consider the matter and file statement.

Till now, investigation has disclosed that the bike was presented to Patil by Yakub Shaikh who has a criminal record. According to the police records, Yakub Shaikh lives in Nagpada and was arrested in two extortion cases in 1996 and 1997. In 2012, he also had a case related to breach of peace. However, it is still not confirmed that who the owner of the motorcycle is.

The bike was in the custody of Yakub, who is allegedly put a fake number plate on it, and thereafter gifted it to Umesh, who was found guilty at the time of patrolling. However, police officials are trying to explore that whether Yakub gifted this motorcycle to Patil in consideration of some favour or not.

At the time of interrogation, Patil told officials that he borrowed this bike from Yakub, since his scooter was sent to garage for some repairs. After this, Jadhav said, “We have prepared the report and it has been sent to the superiors.”

On the other hand, this accusation by Patil is not faced for the first time. During January, he was held accused in a case of land dispute for supporting a builder. While the case was presented in court, the judge castigated Patil and left a statement that police officials are required to 'reread the law books'.

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