Renault brings Koleos crossover SUV In India

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Renault Koleos, the crossover SUV that marks the second production under the banner of Renault India, will be launched on September 8 in India. The moment when French automaker loosened the knot with India's leading SUV maker Mahindra, it took a serious stand. The after effect was quite noticeable with Renault penning down a long term plan to operate and increase its market share in India. The carmaker debuted in India with the influential Renault Fluence that was launched on May 23 this year and showed eager intentions and articulate plans of launching four more cars till the slog months of 2012.

It is believed that the upcoming product of Renault will be the facelift model of the Renault Koleos that has been dominating the market since 2008. The reports regarding the new release of Renault India suggest, that the crossover compact SUV will offer the buyers diesel engine only. However, the new Koleos will enter the market with two diesels options. One engine offers a power of 150hp or 175 hp and the other version i.e. the gasoline engine is able to push the power to 170 hp. The different types of diesel engines are trained to emit minimum elements that are not friendly to the environment.

The SUV offers both front-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations to its users. A 2L DCi turbo engine will back the Koleos with power and support, while giving it the force required to be called as an SUV. The engine is capable of an outcome of 150 bhp of power generation that makes the car being identified, under the full grown SUV segment. This engine has been blended with a six-speed automatic gearbox in order to disseminate energy and power to the wheels at every shift of the gear. The Renault SUV would be a four- wheel drive crossover.

Renault Koleos in addition to the above mentioned features has in store accessories like Cruise Control and speed limiter, besides leather upholstery that is possessed by the interiors to keep the essence of the sports look alive. Apart from this, the new SUV consist of a deafening Bose Surround Music System to keep the atmosphere fresh and bright. In addition to it, Renault Koleos also has twin hatchback door design that has the expertise to take-in larger luggage by increasing the space capacity.

 Renault brings Koleos crossover SUV In India  |
Renault Koleos

Renault has always worked on some ethics and principles like the same quality standards throughout the world being guaranteed and enhancing the performance by bringing improvements at frequent intervals. Also it believes in company's commitments to the environment and keeps a vigilant check on safety standards throughout the world. This makes Renault what is it today, the unconquerable and an unmatched carmaker.

Renault Koleos is the second car launch by Renault and once again the world is ready to experience it the Renault way. If reports are taken into being, Renault Koleos is priced in India between Rs 16 lacs to Rs 18 lacs. Once the Renault Koleos is in, it will challenge names like Ford Endeavour, Chevrolet Captiva, Honda CR-V and Mitsubishi Outlander in the battleground.

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