Purchasing a safety feature-loaded car is way better than going for a discount-offered standard model

Saturday 13 December 2014, 12:34 PM by

Whenever you are purchasing a car, you must have come across the fact that a number of variants are available for almost all cars. These cars have a slight difference with respect to features and specifications; however, the difference in their pricing might be thousands or even lakhs on some circumstances. This is mainly because of the fact that the standard model on most cars comes with a limited number of features, while the more advanced and higher models are loaded with additional complementary features. Most people are unable to decide whether to go low for a less number of features or to go high with most specifications pre-installed.

In this context, most experts and car lovers are of the opinion that it is wiser to load your car with advanced safety features. There are two kinds of features, which are installed, leading to more price of cars – one is the comfort feature such as air-conditioners and music system, while the other is safety aspects like ABS and rear seat-belts. Instead of taking lucrative discounts while purchasing the car for a lower price, it is wiser to go for a higher priced one, which is loaded with all the mandatory safety features.

When you are opting for a personal car, the chances are such that it will stay along you for at least five years. In such a case, somewhere down the line, it is absolutely necessary to have pre-installed safety aspects. After all, everyone prefers to stay safe than sorry. If you are planning to take the discounted price with the thought that the sacrificed features might be installed later on, the expenditure might just be the same or even higher. Also, the effective nature of the features might also be a concern because it is not being done by the manufacturer itself. Thus, it is always better to go for a higher-price feature-loaded car than go for a discounted standard model.

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