Porsche might have cheated on emissions using steering input

Porsche might have cheated on emissions using steering input New Porsche Cayenne
author image Pratheek Kunder
Saturday 10 June 2017, 18:22 PM

Porsche is the second Volkswagen brand after Audi who has been accused of cheating on emissions.

This accusation has come directly from the KBA – Germany’s Transport Motor Authority. The agency is probing if the sports car maker used a cheating device that has the capability to manipulate the emission. The authority believes that this device identifies the testing cycle in order to emit less nitrogen oxide. If the steering wheel is turned more than 15 degrees, then the car emits excess nitrogen oxide. However, Porsche denied any wrongdoings.

"We can confirm for all Porsche models: We are not using steering movements for the sake of detecting a test bench driving cycle and reacting to it," said Porsche in an email statement.

Volkswagen Group will get a big blow if the accusation on Porsche turns out to be true. Till now, the sports car manufacturer has been maintaining a very clean image. In fact, the brand image of Porsche remained intact even after the Volkswagen diesel scandal broke out.

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