Porsche aims to double its global sales to 2 lakh units by year 2015

Wednesday 16 November 2011, 11:52 AM by Vikas Yogi

The Germany based leading automaker Porsche is planning to enhance its global sales by 100 percent by year 2015. The company is looking forward to achieve this sales target without making any reduction in the profit margins of the firm. With these surging sales, the firm eyes to maintain its current rate of sales and investment return at 15 percent and 21 percent.

In year 2010, the German auto giant Porsche managed to sell over 97,000 units of its cars in the global market. In this year, from January to October 2011, Porsche has sold over 100,391 units of its cars worldwide. The aim of crossing the sales mark of 2 lakh units per annum by year 2015 seems quite achievable, if we consider the current sales growth rate of the firm of 30 percent.

However, the ongoing slowdown in the European market may prove a major dampener in the company’s high sales target. European market accounts for over 34 percent of the global sales of the company. In the 1 lakh units sold in the global markets so far, the European market accounts for about 34,000 units.

Currently Chinese market is a major contributor in the Porsche’s global sales. In the period of January to October 2011, Porsche has managed to sell 20,687 units of its cars in the Chinese market, accounting for a surge of 83.1%, as compared to the units sold in the same period last year.

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