Piaggio Vespa FI in the Pipeline, 150cc Scooter Set to Release

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Vespa scooters have always been in the thick of things right from the time it was introduced in India. Now, Piaggio, its makers would like to develop a niche market for itself riding on the sales of Vespa scooters. There are plans of this popular two-wheeler company to give all its variants fuel injection to make them more fuel efficient for a better performance. Apart from this fact, a new Vespa 150 cc will also be launched in the recent future.

The new-look and cool Vespa have not had as many takers as it would have liked despite the stiff competition in the 125 cc scooter segment. However, the main factor that Piaggio enjoys is the aspirational value of the Vespa, which Suzuki, TVS and Honda cannot complement. The initial plan of Piaggio was to give Vespa a complete makeover so that it could attract the attention of the current generation. This was a crucial factor because a majority of the scooter buyers are of this age group. Now, that the job is almost done, Piaggio is looking forward to convert all its scooters by installing the fuel injection technology all across the range of Vespa. Incidentally, all the Vespa models run on carburetted systems as of now.

Piaggio Vespa FI in the Pipeline, 150cc Scooter Set to Release | CarTrade.com
Piaggio Vespa FI in the Pipeline, 150cc Scooter Set to Release

Fuel Injection is a standard feature for international Vespa models, but not for the Indian models because of the inconsistency in the quality of fuel in India. However, the company is now satisfied with the fuel available in the country and is convinced that it will be able to feed its models with consistent fuel quality. As a result, the company has taken this decision to switch from carburetted units to duel injection systems. This will definitely improve the performance of the scooters by increasing the duel efficiency.

Vespa currently has a variation of S, LX and VX models. Once the fuel injection technology is introduced, the price of the scooters will be tagged at 4000 INR above the current rates. However, the mechanical specifications will remain the same as the ones currently in use. The Vespa uses a 125 cc engine capable of producing a power of 10 PS. The maximum twisting force generated from this machine is of 10.6 Nm and the mill sends power to the wheels through a CVT transmission.

Apart from all this change of technology in the models, Piaggio is also looking forward to launch a new 150 cc scooter. The release of this model is scheduled sometime during the later part of this year. The brand has a Sprint 150 around the international markets and there is a slight possibility that the new model might have its basis in the Sprint. The Vespa, which is marketed in India now, has a price range of 68333 INR to 74075 INR (ex-showroom, Mumbai).

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