Peugeot to showcase its 508 model at the Johannesburg Motor show

Friday 16 September 2011, 18:21 PM by

Peugeot SA has announced that it will showcase two of its new 508 large sedans at the very eminent Johannesburg International Motor Show next month as a part of a teaser before it`s official launched in November.

The company believes that, the new Peugeot 508 model aims to make its presence more prominent and to be strong in one of its traditional strong categories, that of a big-size family car which possesses style, perfect road grip, diversity and strength.
The 508 made its debut at the Paris Motor Show last year which marked the replacement of the iconic 407 and 607 models. It introduces the marque’s freshly designed look, which has its inspiration from the stylistic codes that were first unveiled on the SR1 concept car. The company believes firmly that this sleek new model has been embedded with its design philosophy of quality, purity and efficiency for the larger segment.

Peugeot to showcase its 508 model at the Johannesburg Motor show |

The stylish exterior has classy and iconic appeal with the design offering a lot of elegant finishes. The interior of the car represent the aspect of high technology with the use of high-quality materials and every miniscule detail has been created to offer unconquerable quality in both appearance wise as well as its feel. The interior space is explicitly wide; with a very satisfying boot.

The new sedan has been produced on the lines of Peugeot’s strategy to introduce vehicles that offer low emission levels of elements like CO2 and provide best fuel efficiency. The 508 has been designed to make best use of the performance of its engines, encourage environmental efficiency, cut down on weight and improve aerodynamics. Moreover, it will be backed by the power of a range of engines;

However, the information regarding the models and engines which will be available for the Peugeot 508 is still under covers.

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