Novelis provides High-quality Recycled Aluminium Alloy for New Jaguar XE

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Novelis, the global leader in aluminium recycling and rolling, has recently made an announcement that it is behind the supply of aluminium sheets for the newly launched Jaguar XE. Incidentally, the car from Jaguar is the first of its kind to feature an aluminium-intensive structure. The product has been recently added to the list of models of Jaguar. It was launched during the last fall season and is expected to make a debut by 2016 in North America.

The main logic behind giving an aluminium-rich body structure to the new Jaguar model was to make it lightweight. The engineers from Novelis closely collaborated with Jaguar to make this new innovation possible. This lent the new XE the stiffest, lightest and at the same time the most aerodynamic structure for a sedan. The Jaguar XE model has been provided with Novelis Advanz 6000-series alloys, which has been developed specially for structural applications and making skin sheets for automobiles. This new innovative technology has made XE constructional superb and has contributed to it becoming strong as well as lightweight. This will definitely contribute to gains in fuel efficiency, while the emissions might reduce by as much as 100 g per kilometre. Additional advantages, which come with these factors, are the safety increments as well as a development in quality driving dynamics.

Novelis provides High-quality Recycled Aluminium Alloy for New Jaguar XE |
New Jaguar XE

Pierre Labat, the Vice President and General Manager of Novelis in Europe said, "Novelis is proud to be the supplier of aluminium sheet to Jaguar Land Rover, enabling novel, lightweight construction platforms, such as the XE. The XE once again reflects the leadership of Jaguar Land Rover and Novelis in the design and production of high-volume aluminium vehicles and is another important milestone in body engineering, redefining the standard in its class.”

The new XE, thus becomes the first car in the automobile industry to utilise an all-new, recycled amount of aluminium alloy for the development of the structure of the car. The whole new innovation has been attributed to the leading car maker, Jaguar Land Rover and Novelis. Be this new innovation a success, the companies will definitely utilise the new structural development in future Jaguar models. Thus a reduction in carbon footprint on all their products seems inevitable. Novelis has been into business at the Jaguar Land Rover by providing the car manufacturer a better solution for their aluminium scrap. The company recycling plant at Latchford, United Kingdom, has been dedicated to the work of recycling the aluminium scrap of Jaguar to fresh material for aluminium sheet.

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