Nissan to bring out Sunny Diesel in January 2012

Monday 12 December 2011, 15:38 PM by

At the time when Nissan Motor Company presented the Indian auto industry with one of the most coveted gifts ever received, the car maker possibly incorporated the most befitting price strategy that was quite future-oriented. With the price tag that Sunny sedan wore, the Japanese auto maker was able to create a considerable scope to increase the price of its diesel variant and still remain within the competitive price range.

As the Nissan Sunny Diesel is ready to be launched in January 2012, the buyers are ought to welcome the purchasing cost with open arms. It is important to note that sources strongly believe that Nissan is not planning to unwrap the Sunny Diesel during the upcoming 2012 Indian Auto Expo. Rather it is expected to be unveiled as a part of some other event during the middle or end of January 2012.

Nissan to bring out Sunny Diesel in January 2012 |
Nissan Sunny

The diesel model is likely to be offered to the Indian buyers with a price hike of Rs. 75,000 to 1 lac, as compared to the petrol engine variant. As a matter of fact, the disparity between the ownership costs of petrol and diesel variants usually comes out to be within this range only.

Sunny has been affixed with the Renault designed K9K engine, which is also a part of the Micra diesel, though with some effective modifications that would eventually enhance the power and torque quotient. As the Sunny sedan has bigger dimensions and increased weight, the changes under the hood are quite natural.

Rumour mills are agog that Sunny Diesel’s engine is capable of churning 85 hp of peak power and 200 Nm of maximum torque. Considering the expected power and output figures, it is clear that Sunny is not counting on the engine performance. Rather it would strive to match the Micra Diesel's level of driveability, as the Indian road conditions call for best handling abilities over any other advantage.

Along with exemplary driveability on offer, the 1.5-litre K9K turbo diesel engine remains in the good books of fuel economy as well. Therefore, the Sunny Diesel can be expected to bring out decent figures when it rolls out in the coming time. With the assimilation of a diesel motor, the Nissan Sunny sedan that carries abundant space and a premium ride quality would possibly fit in the last piece of the puzzle. As a result, outselling the Micra hatchback would be a cakewalk for the sedan.

Thus, Nissan seems to take a big stride towards pushing its sales with an unprecedented pace and moreover, compete with much more intensity and aplomb in the Indian auto market.

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