Nissan Terrano set to be launched on 9th October

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Nissan Terrano has been in the news for a long time now, becoming one of the most talked about vehicles in the Indian market. Now, the wait seems to be finally over for everyone as Nissan looks set to introduce the Terrano on 9th of October. In a lot of ways, Nissan Terrano is likely to bring in a new dimension to the compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment, which has been on a rise in India. For quite some time now, customers in urban areas have started purchasing utility vehicles. The biggest reason for this is the introduction of compact SUVs in the market by car makers like Renault and Ford. Industry experts feel that there is a lot of scope for the Nissan Terrano to do well in India as the segment is still on a rise and no trend demand pattern can be considered as a given.

Nissan Terrano set to be launched on 9th October |
Nissan Terrano set to be launched on 9th of October

Analysts have tried to contemplate the reasons why people are going for compact SUVs these days and till when will these sort of demand continue. For starters, compact SUVs provide the comfort of a sedan and performance of a utility vehicle, a combination that every customer would want in car. Secondly, companies that have launched vehicles in this segment have kept in mind the need to include technologically advanced features so as to attract buyers in urban areas. However, the biggest cause for the success of this segment is the aggressive pricing strategy adopted by car makers. In testing times, for any vehicle to be successful, it was important for newly launched models to justify their prices. A good example of an aggressive pricing strategy is Ford EcoSport, which was introduced recently and is currently one of the best performing vehicles in the market. Putting all these aspects into perspective, the Terrano could do really well in India, considering the potential of the segment. However, according to reports, it is going to be priced higher than the Duster, something which might prove to be a deterrent.

A lot has been spoken about the competition of the Nissan Terrano with the Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. Terrano is a sibling of the Duster as both of them are a part of the badge-engineering policy between Nissan and Renault. The Japanese car maker has made a dedicated effort to distinguish the design of the Terrano from the Duster. And to a large extent, it has succeeded as the compact SUV from Nissan looks more stylish than its Renault sibling. However, the biggest rival of Terrano will be the Ford EcoSport, a model that has taken the market by storm. EcoSport is stylish, appealing, spacious and efficient vehicle that is ideal for city conditions. In terms of style, the Nissan Terrano might just pip its Ford rival as the former has a really impressive design. However, the aggressive pricing of the EcoSport, one of the biggest reasons for its success, might make it tough for Terrano to match numbers.

The festive season has begun and already a number of vehicles have been launched, such as Skoda Octavia, Bentley Flying Spur and Ashok Leyland Stile. Most auto makers have not been able to record good sales in 2013 due to the slow demand, poor economic condition and rising interest rates. Nissan, in 2013, has been one of the busiest players in the market and has already launched the new version of Micra. The Japanese auto maker is going to launch a number of vehicles in the Indian car market in coming years. Now, it remains to be seen whether Terrano makes an impact similar to that of the Duster or its premium pricing poses an issue.

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