Nissan Launches Micra Game - Nissan Chamatcar

Wednesday 02 March 2011, 17:35 PM by Vikas Yogi

Nissan Company has launched a new game, featuring its popular hatchback Nissan Micra. A new concept to highlight the car’s style, it is quite an addictive game named as Nissan Chamatcar. Since its recent launch, the game has become quite popular and it has many users competing against each other. Let’s take a look how the game works.

How Nissan Chamatcar works?

The new Nissan Micra game is a racing challenge, in which the user starts in a city devoid of colour. The objective is to drive the Nissan Micra around the city, thereby bringing colour to the city. The mission is obtained when the entire city is full of colour.

When starting the game, the user has to choose from one of four cities, New Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Bangalore, which feature different maps. Before starting, all the cities are colourless and look gloomy. Drive the Micra around the city and bring colour back.

Nissan Launches Micra Game - Nissan Chamatcar |

After completing your drive across the city, the game will tell you the time you used to do so and you get to see how you compared to other users. The idea is here to rank as high as possible.

You can control the car forward and backward as well as easily steer it. Using the space bar allows you to fully utilize the car’s power and it speeds forward.

We found the game quite entertaining and indeed a fun way to promote the car. Why don’t you play it and tell us your score?

Click here to play the Nissan Micra Game!

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