Nissan Continues to Go Strong in the Indian Auto Market

Saturday 13 March 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Nissan may not have made any significant impact in the Indian car market but the company is definitely gaining a strong foothold slowly and steadily. Nissan is coming up with its own manufacturing plant near Chennai which has been set up in association with the French auto maker Renault.

Nissan will be manufacturing its small car on its new V-platform at this plant. Nissan has already started production of its small car in Thailand that will be sold as Micra in the Indian market. It will shortly begin production in India as well. The car is expected to be available in the Indian market by middle of this year. Nissan will officially launch Micra in Thai market on March 26 at the Bangkok International Motor Show 2010.

Nissan Continues to Go Strong in the Indian Auto Market |

Meanwhile, Nissan continues to source its European small car model Pixo from Maruti Suzuki. It will continue to sell Nissan Pixo in the European market till 2013. Suzuki’s new partnership with Volkswagen will not affect Nissan’s sourcing of small car from MSIL. Meanwhile, Nissan will establish its new small car Micra in developing as well as developed markets.

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