New Team in Japan Designing Suzuki Bikes for India

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Suzuki, the popular Japanese brand, has combined the best of engineers and designers to form a team at the R&D centre at Hamamatsu in Japan. This team is working to introduce a new range of motorcycles and scooters, specifically for the purpose of utilisation in India. The company recently has launched a 150 cc bike, Gixxer and a 112 cc scooter earlier this year.

Atul Gupta, the Executive vice-president of Suzuki Motorcycle India said, "Suzuki Motorcycle India is now firmly on way to upgrading the product portfolio. We have launched four products this year, two of which are designed from scratch at the R&D centre in Hamamatsu. Several other products are being designed and will join the portfolio in future."

New Team in Japan Designing Suzuki Bikes for India |
New Team in Japan Designing Suzuki Bikes for India

Suzuki Motorcycle India has a limited line up at present in India with only three bikes and three scooters. As a result, it is looking forward to enhance its portfolio as soon as possible. "We are conscious of the need to also broaden our portfolio. The introductions will happen at a faster pace than before," said Gupta.

The company is currently happy with the success of Let’s and also the hype, which the Gixxer received. As a result, the brand is confident that the ball is finally rolling on the correct side. Anu Anamika, who is the Suzuki Motorcycle India national head, said, "Despite Suzuki being such a strong two-wheeler brand globally, and we did not get it right with the initial set of products. Perhaps, the market expectation was higher. We may also have had great products but a poor distribution channel. Now, we are focusing on both and look to get it right."

For an efficient understanding and synchronisation, Yoshiaki Harada has been posted in India as a regional strategy officer. Gixxer has on its shoulders sheer responsibility in taking Suzuki forward. "Gixxer will be Suzuki's flagship model for Indian riders and will lead the drive to gain market share in the bike segment," commented Kenji Hirozawa, vice-president of Suzuki Motorcycle India.

Bike sales contribute to around 70 per cent of the two-wheeler market in India. In such a scenario, it is strange that Suzuki sales figures are on the side of the scooters, which make 85 per cent of its sales. Gupta said, "Over the next two years, we expect the market share of Suzuki scooters to increase from 11% to 20% and bikes to increase from 1% to 5%." Whether the new team will be able to take the global brand to where it wants, it is only on the hands of time.

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