New Nissan Micra Spied

Saturday 28 November 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Nissan is developing its small car model Micra on its latest global platform known as V-platform. It will be reportedly built in four-door, five-door, and MPV flavors, all of which will be powered by a three-cylinder engine. The new Nissan Micra will be developed primarily according to the developing markets but will also be refined for western markets where refinement is needed more than in the developing countries.

New Nissan Micra Spied |

The latest platform will be able to handle a maximum of 1.5L turbo diesel power train owing to its capacity of 1600 kg and 199Nm of torque. Other engines being considered are 900cc and 1.2L petrol with most of them being turbochargers. Moreover, the platform that will build V-cars will have 18 percent fewer parts. This means that seats having 85 parts will have 35 parts and 56 bit dashboard will have only 28 bits. The new Nissan Micra includes its styling cues from various models. Its head lamps are quite similar to Fiat Grand Punto Evo and MINI.

New Nissan Micra/March is expected to hit the Thai market first and later it will be introduced in the Indian auto market. The car is expected in the Indian market by May 2010 but it will be previewed at the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo 2010.

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