New Nissan Micra Low Cost Model

Wednesday 21 October 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Nissan has developed its “V-platform” specifically to build cars for the emerging markets yet keeping the sophisticated design and style of the Western markets. The new Nissan Micra is being developed on this model so that it carries the same existing design and style yet it will be a ‘de-content’ model for the emerging markets. Nissan revealed the specifications and details of the global car at its new global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.

According to Nissan, the platform has been specifically developed for the emerging markets but it is also being adopted for the mature markets. The platform has also been engineered for sale in North America.

There will be three vehicles that will be built on the new platform in the first phase. It will be Nissan Micra, a minivan and a saloon. The production of the car will begin simultaneously next year in India, China and Thailand next year. Nissan will also build two more factories for this car but the place has not been decided so far. The cars will have high percentage of localization to keep the cost low. It will have 90 percent localization in China and 80 percent in India.

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