New Mercedes C-Class Vs Audi A4 Vs BMW 3-Series - Specs comparison

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The all-new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is on sale in India. Available in petrol version only, the C-Class sedan will directly rival against the likes of Audi A4 sedan and BMW 3 Series. The company will also launch the diesel version of the saloon, but not before 2015. Here is a quick specifications based comparison between the C-Class, 3 Series and A4 saloon.


Dimensionally, the Audi A4 is the longest and widest saloon in its league. It measures 4701mm in length, 1826mm in width and 1427mm in height. On the other hand, the C-Class and BMW 3 Series are 4686mm and 4624mm long, 1810mm and 1811mm wide and 1442mm and 1429mm high, respectively. The all-new Mercedes C-Class has a large wheelbase of 2840mm, which contributes to its spacious cabin. While the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4 sedan has 2810mm and 2808mm of wheelbase, respectively.

New Mercedes C-Class Vs Audi A4 Vs BMW 3-Series - Specs comparison |
Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Engine Specifications:

The new C-Class sedan is available in petrol version only, which is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged unit. This engine is capable of producing a top power output of 181bhp and 300Nm of top torque. The Audi A4 sedan and BMW 3 Series also gets 2.0L turbocharged petrol unit. While the 3 Series is the most powerful in its league with 245bhp and 350Nm of torque, the A4 sedan is least powerful at 170bhp and 320Nm of torque.

When it comes to transmissions, the C-Class is paired to a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The 3-Series gets an 8-speed gearbox, while the A4 uses a CVT transmission.

Audi A4

Acceleration and Fuel efficiency:

As the BMW 3 Series gets the most powerful engine, it accelerates to 100kmph from zero to 100 in mere 6.1 seconds. On the other hand, the C-Class sedan and the A4 sedan do 0-100kmph in 7.3 seconds and 8.3 seconds, respectively. Interestingly, the A4 sedan is the most fuel efficient saloon in its segment and delivers 15.64kmpl of mileage. While the BMW returns 14.79kmpl of mileage, the 3-Series is claimed to deliver 14.74kmpl.


The BMW 3 Series petrol variant (328i) is priced at Rs. 42.5 lakh, while the C200 model is tagged at Rs. 40.9 lakh. Audi is offering the petrol A4 sedan only in the base variant, and it is the cheapest in its segment. The A4 petrol sedan costs Rs. 31.3 lakh.

BMW 3-Series Picture 46
BMW 3-Series

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