New McLaren P11 Suspension being tested

Wednesday 02 September 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

A new McLaren P11 suspension was spotted being tested at Nurburgring last week. The new suspension is capable of revolutionize the British Supercar’s suspension system. The new component is expected to allow more cornering body control needed at 200mph speed and yet not compromise driving comfort of super cars.

The new P11 is being developed to be more viable in day to day driving rather than its predecessor which was more suitable for super cars. Its light weight is due to extensive use of carbon fiber in its construction. The system will weigh at least 200 kg less than most of the mid-engine competitors. It is responsible for fuel efficiency of the car along with an assurance of delivering power output between 500bhp and 600bhp which is on a par with the less powerful Porsche 911.

With the new Ferrari 458 Italia coming up, the new McLaren intends to compete head on with the same. It is likely to be slightly more expensive than the Italian car at around GBP 170,000 [INR 80 lakhs] and the first P11 is scheduled to be delivered to its owner early in 2011.

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