New Maruti A-Star Launched in Saudi Arabia

Monday 11 January 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

A new model of Maruti A-Star was launched in Saudi Arabia which will be sold as Suzuki Celerio. The A-Star model is sold as Suzuki Splash in the European markets and as Nissan Pixo in some of the overseas market. The model has received an over-whelming success in all the markets including the domestic market in India. Suzuki Motor Corp is working overtime now to make the model available in all the international markets and encash upon the success of its new fuel-efficient engine.

Suzuki Celerio was launched in three variants in Saudi Arabia. It features the light-weight K10B petrol engine which is the most fuel-efficient models in its segment. “The new Suzuki Celerio totes an aerodynamic, boy-racer look that yuppies crave since it looks like it could cheat the wind,” says official statement from Suzuki Motor Corp. It will be sold by Suzuki Saudia which will be the sole distributor of the model in entire Saudi Arabia.

“The new Celerio combines comfortable design and enhanced performance. This vehicle was developed to match the requirements of the Saudi market, especially the middle-income buyers,” said Maher Al Nabawy, deputy general manager, Suzuki Saudia.

Suzuki Celerio is also sold in Philippines which is again a successful hatchback model being sold in the country and perfectly apt for city traffic. The Suzuki Celerio with Manual Transmission (MT) posted the lowest fuel consumption in the 2009 E10 Fuel Economy Run conducted by the Department of Energy (DOE) last November 27, 2009 in Manila, Phillippines.

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