New Car Fuel Efficiency Ratings on its way in India

Tuesday 06 March 2012, 13:14 PM by Vikas Yogi

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to finalize the new car fuel efficiency standards in India very soon. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), which comes under the Ministry of Power, is currently preparing the final draft of the prospective car fuel efficiency standards, for the passenger cars in India.

While recently speaking to PTI, BEE Director General Ajay Mathur, said, "The guidelines are nearing finalization. There is a broad consensus.” As per the recent news reports, the final draft in this regard has already been sent to the Prime Minister's Office.

While further elaborating the status of this proposal, Mr. Mathur added that there have been inter-departmental differences. After discussions with stakeholders, there has been some kind of consensus on the proposed standards… Following the same, the final draft was recently sent to the PMO... the bureau expect a decision to be taken soon.

The prospective car fuel efficiency standards will be somewhat similar to the current energy efficiency ratings applied on the electronic goods. The ratings are expected to be carrying similarities with the existing fuel efficiency ratings in the US market.

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