New Bentley Continental Unleashed

Monday 05 October 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

In the world of green cars, the new Bentley Continental Super sports makes its foray as the fastest and the most powerful Bentley. The car has been engineered to produce 621bhp whether burning E85 (15 per cent petrol, 85 per cent ethanol) or pure pump petrol, or any combination of the two.

New Bentley Continental Unleashed |

The car is lighter by 110kg which boosts its performance by 13 percent. The new Supersports model cuts its times for 0-100 kmph from 11.1 sec to 8.9 seconds and is now capable of attaining top speed of 329kmph from earlier 318 kmph. The new car definitely defines that “cars can be green without being boring, small or slow.”

The new model is fully fuelled by bio-ethanol with emission levels of 120g/km which brings it closer to CO2 emissions of a mid-sized hatchback model. Moreover, Bentley claims that although official emission figures of Bentley are rated at 388g/km nevertheless, the net CO2 effect may be even lower. By 2012, Bentley will be able to give all its model flex-fuel capacity which will enable its cars to run on any combination of bio- ethanol and petrol. The car is priced at £160,000 or Rs. 1.23 crore and above.

Images Courtesy: Autocar

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