Navigation developer NNG exhibits premium technology to Indian car industry professionals

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NNG has been a strong name among the navigation developers fraternity. Owing to rapidly evolving and steadily growing navigator sector in India the demand for navigator has also grown over a period of time. NNG, a popular Hungary-based navigation developer had recently exhibited a unique collection of customized navigation solutions at its dedicated VIP Technology Showroom. NNG has partnered with Haryana-based strategic partner Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS).

The VIP technology Showroom welcomes visitors to a unique collection from NNG that shall be sold in India as well as countries around the world like Germany, China, Japan, United States and Hungary. Collaboratively NNG and ANS have taken time to highlight some of the top trends in the navigation sector. Apart from evolution of infotainment design in cars these trends also include the emerging role that smartphones play in cars.

Navigation developer NNG exhibits premium technology to Indian car industry professionals |
NNG geared-up to enter the Indian navigation market

The overall driving experience has been enhanced by NNG owing to Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that is a first step towards achieving an completely automated car. The system has been designed to automate lighting and braking and deliver complete cruise control. The device has also incorporated GPS/traffic warnings that connect vehicles to smartphones and make drivers aware of nearby cars or dangers. The device is also capable of preventing a driver from drifting out of lanes and also alert the driver of blind spots for a safer commuting experience.

At the NNG-ANS demo room, the future of in-car HMI (Human machine interface) experience was being discussed. The device is reportedly based on comprehensive HMI design that harmonizes things like mobile devices, multiple screens, navigation systems, vehicle-specific technology, and other technological solutions, while decrease drive distraction and making driving safer. Speaking more on company's perspective Peter Bolesza, Vice President of Emerging Markets at NNG, said, "Our goal is to maintain our leading position in technological innovations in the navigation industry. As technology evolves every day, our aim is to bring the most up-to-date and user-friendly solutions to India, and to shape the local navigation industry in accordance with the latest trends.” Currently the company reportedly has real-time traffic information of about 23 cities in India. The device is also capable of reading out instructions in Indian voices like English, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Hindi, Telegu, Gujarati, Kannada, Bengali and Punjabi.

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