Motherly blues: Victoria concerned with her son s demand of a motorbike

Sunday 26 October 2014, 10:26 AM by

Victoria Beckham is concerned about her son. Brooklyn, her eldest son, is determined to learn to ride a motorbike. The former spice girl fame is worried about his demand for a motorcycle. The famous fashion designer is concerned as her son will be eligible for a moped license as soon as he turns 16 next March.

Motherly blues: Victoria concerned with her son   s demand of a motorbike |
Motherly blues: Victoria concerned with her son’s demand of a motorbike

Reportedly, David Beckham, suffered an injury, when he was on his way back home from Los Angeles riding his Super Vintage 93’ Knuckle in August. Perhaps, this is the reason for Victoria to be skeptical about her son’s keen interest to ride a bike. Nevertheless, the soccer superstar is a big motorbike enthusiast. He loves to take trips with his close friends on a motorbike. His son seems to follow his father’s footsteps. The Beckham couple would never deny any of their children any demands. However, it is Victoria’s motherly concern for her son that petrifies her about his wish for a bike.

Apart from being a businesswoman, designer, model and a singer, Victoria, a mother of four, is highly tensed about her son. The 40-year-old, like any mother, doesn’t want her son to go through any danger. Hence, she is doubtful and bothered about her son’s determined venture to learn to ride. She probably needs to explain her kid a few things about riding safe and she might be able to get over her fear.

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