More affordable Mercedes Models India Bound

Monday 08 November 2010, 00:00 AM by Payal Pathak

Mercedes is working on models that will be cheaper and more affordable. Mercedes is working on this initative within its A-class, B-class, C-class and mini SUV models that will be more affordable. The mother plant for these cars will be first set up in Hungary where Mercedes will be able to get advantage of having cheap labour. Regarding the Indian input, Mercedes stated that a team of Indian engineers is also involved from Bangalore. More than 400 engineers from Bangalore are involved in development and pre-development program of these new cars. The platform being developed is known as MFA or Mercedes Front Wheel Drive Architecture. The cars will take its styling cues from the F-800 style concept and more details will be available as the project progresses further.

Mercedes has regained its top position in the Indian market. It hopes to sell more than 5000 cars this year. It has already sold 4,221 cars till September 2010 and is positive about breaching 5,000 mark. The company sold 3,200 cars in 2009, 400 less than it had sold in 2008, a spokesperson said. The demand for new cars has seen a jump of around 80 per cent reflecting a buoyancy in the luxury-car market. He said that the number of luxury cars sold during the year might be 13,000.

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