Mobility takes a leap towards the future as Volkswagen showcases first hovercar

Wednesday 09 May 2012, 23:42 PM by

Volkswagen has brought the future of mobility a little closer by coming up with the concept version of the world's first hovercar. This unique vehicle is part of the company's 'People's Car Project' that is being conducted in China. Under this initiative, the manufacturer invited consumers to provide design ideas for its upcoming cars. Since it began in 2011, the project has seen 1,19,000 ideas being submitted by 33 million people.

This innovative hovercar by Volkswagen relies on electromagnetic levitation in order to move along its grid above any conventional road network. It is equipped with distant sensors which ensure that it does not hit any other automobile. A disc-shaped two seater pod, this vehicle can be manoeuvred conveniently using a joystick. It is capable of travelling back and forth, sideways and even on its own axis and does not emit any pollutants.

At the 2012 Beijing Auto Show, the German manufacturer also showed two ideas that took root in the 'People's Car Project', apart from the concept hovercraft. The second concept was the Music Car, whose exterior colour could change in accordance with the type of the music that the driver chooses. The third concept presented by Volkswagen was the new touchscreen smart key that included information about various critical functions of the vehicle.

Luca de Meo, Director - Marketing, Volkswagen, stated that the unique ideas which the company received from the public under the 'People's Car Project' have set a new precedent. He commented, “We are no longer just building cars for, but also with customers and at the same time initiating a national dialogue which gives us a deep insight into the design preferences, needs and requirements of Chinese customers.”

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