Mobil 1 The Grid enters its seventh season

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Mobil 1 The Grid, the bi-weekly show that provides automobile aficionados with the action from motorsport events across the globe, is set to return for a seventh season in 2015. The show shall also be featured in digital content via YouTube channel that is going to be launched by exclusive correspondents, who will add articles to Grid1.TV. The main motive of this channel would be to get the audience as close to the action as possible via the digital medium. The show was broadcasted on Indian television through the CNBC network on 7th and 8th March.

Rebecca Pearson, Global Brand Manager for Passenger Vehicle Lubricants at ExxonMobil, said, “For more than 40 years ExxonMobil has worked to enhance the Mobil 1 technology that supports race teams around the world competing in some of the most demanding environments. Mobil 1 The Grid is just one way our team not only showcases the Mobil brand’s involvement in motorsports but also provides fans with an in-depth, behind-the-wheel look at racing action from around the globe.”

Mobil 1 The Grid enters its seventh season |
Mobil 1 The Grid enters its seventh season

“This year we’re especially excited to introduce a suite of expanded Mobil 1 The Grid content including a new Mobil 1 The Grid YouTube page and online articles from Mobil 1 The Grid exclusive correspondents that will be featured on Grid1.TV,” she said, adding further.

Jennie Gow and Lee Spencer are among the four correspondents who will be involved in covering races include NASCAR and Grand Prix. According to the firm’s press release, the new YouTube channel will showcase profiles of driver and team involved in the race.

Mobil 1 The Grid came on air for the first time in 2008 after entering into a partnership leading sports television and distribution firm Sunset & Vine. The programme is known for its insights into racing teams, both famous as well as the upcoming ones.

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