Merits of owning a diesel car in India

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Since petrol prices have surged in the recent past, people now more open to buying alternate fuel driven cars. In a country like India, almost every major auto maker has diesel powered engines in its portfolio. With increasing expenditure that is incurred on petrol, consumers are actively switching to diesel cars, which in turn has outpaced the demand for petrol ones. There are numerous advantages of buying diesel cars as they are cost effective and offer greater fuel efficiency. At present, diesel engines are much refined, quiet and smooth as they were ever before. Despite the high price, running costs in diesel cars are significantly lower. So if one decides to keep his car in long terms, diesel cars are the way forward for them. In order to examine the advantages of buying cars in India, a detailed analysis is done.

Fuel economy

The first and foremost advantage of owning a diesel car is its mileage, which is generally the main reason that is driving the demand for diesel models in India. Owing to the fact that diesel powertrains have higher compression ratio due to which they induce more power while consuming less fuel, the mileage of diesel powered cars stands much higher as compared to their petrol counterparts. This phenomenon of greater compression rate helps in churning out more horsepower in every litre of diesel. Also to mention, various companies use technologies like turbocharger in order to enhance the performance and mileage of the engine.

Greater torque

Diesel powered engines are known for generating higher torque levels as compared to the petrol ones. Since the general trend is that more drivers are inclined towards knowing the horsepower of their car, torque on the other hand is ignored. Relating to the ability to pull loads and accelerate, torque is equally important as bhp. So with greater torque levels, diesel engines are more powerful from low to mid rpm as compared to alternate fuel means.

Additional tax incentives

Since the diesel vehicles are extensively used for carrying food items across the entire length of country, the government has laid additional subsidies on the fuel. Although a number of regulations and guidelines exist, diesel fuel still costs cheaper than petrol.


With more ruggedness to withstand the rigours of higher compression, diesel cars are known to last longer than petrol ones. The diesel engine cars can go on much longer if proper maintenance checks are done from time to time. Since these type of cars does not have electronic fuel ignition system, less maintenance work is carried out which increases its durability as compared to petrol engines.

Resale Value

Since the demand for diesel cars have seen a spurt in the recent times, a number of people have been trying to trade-in their petrol cars for them. In the second hand car market, buyers mainly prefer going for diesel cars, so the resale value of such vehicles is generally higher as compared to the petrol ones. Also to mention, the cost depreciation in petrol cars is much higher as opposed to its counterparts.

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