Mercedes showcases the dream sedan - Maybach Pullman

Friday 20 February 2015, 11:52 AM by

Undoubtedly, when a car is a favourite choice for everyone including an emperor to the Pope, there is something great about it. Approximately, the Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman has been able to signify power to the world for more than thirty years in tandem. Whenever, there was a requirement of signifying power, the 600 Pullman came to use.

Mercedes showcases the dream sedan - Maybach Pullman |
Mercedes Benz- Maybach Pullman

Mercedes has now revealed the modern-day variant for its legendary roller, the Mercedes Maybach Pullman – a 21-feet tribute to the model. The car has been built form the already spacious S-Class and has a wheelbase of 14 feet. Mercedes has promised a high level of comfort in the interiors – finest quilted upholstery, opaque glass partitions and rear facing seats. The car generates a power of 523 hp power. It was said during the press release, "A real boost in comfort for those heads of state and monarchs for whom protocol dictates that they must take their places ahead of their interpreters. This seating arrangement also preserves their privacy, as a large proportion of their bodies are hidden by the rear roof pillar."

The price of a Maybach Pullman is tagged at USD 567000. Some of the additional custom features will take the price to above one million USD. Hus, the Pullman has the capability of becoming the most expensive sedan.

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