Mercedes-Benz's sales deteriorate in China

Monday 03 October 2011, 13:13 PM by

The unbidden trend of ups and downs that has infected the Indian auto market for a long time now seems to be in search of fresh prey, as a number of other countries have lately found themselves subjugated by the menace. As a result, the sales figures of the vehicles competing in the foreign market, too, have bore the brunt. Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG is one such car maker that has found itself at the receiving end, with its luxury car sales growth stagnating in the rapidly developing Chinese market.

A Senior Executive at Mercedes-Benz reiterated that the sales in China are facing the heat. Of late, Mercedes-Benz has recorded slackness in the past 3 months, as against the previous years. It is important to note that most of luxury car makers are finding themselves in deep waters, with their sales in China to be rather creeping and not keeping up with the expectations. At present, India, Brazil and other emerging markets have learnt to cope up with the slowdown and at times, have even stood firmly to challenge the unfavourable situation. However, the time period till which these markets would be able to keep the adversities of the infamous trend at bay, is yet to be seen.

Recent months have witnessed a further swell in prices, limping economic growth and rising fuel prices, let alone improvement in car sales. The interest rates in India, too, have ditched the common man quite frequently. All these factors have proved detrimental to the auto sector, which is already surrounded by problems.

Thus, Mercedes-Benz would make the best possible efforts to get over the current hurdles that may hurt its position in the market.

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