Maybach unveils diamond encrusted 62S saloon

Tuesday 31 May 2011, 00:00 AM by Vikas Yogi

Maybach, one of the most expensive luxury car brands in the global market, on Monday unveiled its sensational super luxury Maybach 62S Saloon with a jaw dropping diamond encrusted makeover. The new uber-luxurious model comes blessed with hundreds of precious diamonds at the dashboard counters and center arm rest of the rear seat. The car has been receiving a staggering response from the car enthusiasts in Cannes, where it was displayed.

In recent times, a number of special editions of super luxury cars have been launched, but this is the first time that a luxury car has been launched loaded with precious diamonds.

Maybach unveils diamond encrusted 62S saloon |

The new diamond avatar of the Maybach 62S Saloon has been designed by, Fawaz Grusoi, head of the luxury De Grisogono jewellery and watch company. The makeover of the car further includes the brand's scrolled motif added on the car's veneer trim and initials engraved in black diamonds on the leather upholstery of its rear armrest.

The diamond encrusted super luxury saloon will now be displayed at the upcoming Dubai International Motor Show. The Maybach has been one of the most popular luxury car brands in the Indian market, but whether the diamond Maybach will find an Indian buyer remains to be seen.

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