Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha: A potential game changer

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The growth of Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment has been not so high from past many years in India. However, recently, gaining momentum, it is slowly getting past other segments. Major catalysts that have facilitated this success are auto-majors like Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford, Renault and Nissan. Among the fleet of existing cars, the ones that have altered the on-going scenario in the aforementioned segment are Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport. On the other hand, latest entrant Nissan Terrano and yet to be launched Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha are anticipated to further take growth several notches higher. Ford and Renault have derived huge benefits in the Indian car market due to the soaring demand for compact SUVs. Though it was the Duster that set the ball rolling for the increasing popularity of SUVs, one name that is expected to slowly and steadily win the race and be on the top of the list in the coming year is Maruti Suzuki's XA Alpha.

Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha: A potential game changer |
Maruti Suzuki XA Alpha: A potential game changer

It is rhetorical to mention that Maruti Suzuki is a brand that leads charts when talking of most successful car makers in India. Almost every car that has entered the market under Maruti Suzuki's tag has sailed smoothly and been successful in India. Maruti Suzuki is the most trusted car company and has carved a niche in Indian market like no other brand in competition. With the introduction of XA Alpha, the enterprise wants to make an addition to its repertoire and be the forerunner in the SUV segment. Maruti Suzuki's yet to be launched SUV XA Alpha will be based on Ertiga, which itself is based on a tweaked Swift platform. According to reports, XA Alpha shall be available in both petrol and diesel variants. While the petrol version is expected to be equipped with the K-Series powertrain, the diesel variant shall get the 1.3-litre DDiS engine. With this considerably powerful engine configuration, XA Alpha would clock a maximum speed of 180 kmph, which is quite enticing for a budget oriented compact SUV.

The XA Alpha boasts of a meticulously designed sturdy exterior with strong looking wheels. Interestingly, the design of this SUV is inspired by Indian martial arts and wrestling. Further, the look of XA Alpha is enhanced by headlamps and taillamps, which are symbolic of the muscles of a wrestler. This SUV is likely to flaunt a five-aperture grille that carries Maruti Suzuki's monogram. The upper part of the chrome based grille has blue accents integrated on it, while the lower part of the front grille is provided with heavy duty bull bars. Notably, the plush interiors of XA Alpha has cues similar to Maruti Suzuki's Swift and Swift DZire. All these features were on display when XA Alpha was shown as a concept vehicle at 2012 Auto Expo.

Despite being loaded with desirable features, there is no denying the fact that XA Alpha will be a new entrant in the compact SUV segment. It is likely to face tough competition with cars from brands like Renault and Ford that are already reigning this segment. After observing the success of Duster and EcoSport, Maruti Suzuki, has reportedly, paced up the production of XA Alpha. Also, industry experts have lauded Maruti Suzuki's understanding of the market, and rise in demand of the compact SUV segment and expects that the brand value of India's biggest passenger car maker is definitely going to work wonders for it.

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