Maruti Suzuki Workers' Union at Manesar facility to put forth wage hike proposal

Thursday 01 March 2012, 13:18 PM by Vikas Yogi

Maruti Suzuki India, the leading automobile manufacturer in the country will be soon negotiating on the revision of the wages with the recently formed workers’ union at its production plant established at Manesar. The new organized body, Maruti Suzuki Workers' Union (MSWU), received the registration number from the Haryana Labour Department and is not in alliance with any of the political parties.

The union headed by Mr. Ram Mehar Singh as the President and Mr. Sarabjeet Singh as the General Secretary will collectively put forth the wage revisal demands within the next 15 days. The current monthly wages of a permanent worker at this plant is Rs. 18000 approximately with an incentive included up to Rs. 8000.

The company had a tough time negotiating with the then union members, who led strikes at the Manesar facility thrice in the year 2011. The persistent strikes hampered the production of its one of bestselling models, Swift, to the extent of 83000 units. The newly constituted union is an independent body, which the company will be recognizing for all the future negotiations so that the smooth production can be ensured along with cordial labour management relations.

Mr. R C Bhargava, Chairman, Maruti Suzuki India (MSI), commented on the decision making authority for the upcoming wage revision demands, saying, "Normally they (a recognized union) are included in wage negotiations, but I am not aware of this yet. Our HR people will follow it and do the needful."

The MSWU members, however, have refused to disclose any information as to what percentage hike they will be proposing as they are continuously deliberating within their union regarding the quantum of rise in wages.

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