Maruti Suzuki to customise cars according to buyers preferences

Tuesday 17 January 2012, 13:25 PM by

Every four out of five cars on the road belong to the largest car manufacturer in India, Maruti Suzuki. The renowned company has decided to customise its vehicles as per the buyer’s wishes.

R. Dayal, Executive Director, Production Engineering, Maruti Suzuki, stated that the company is planning to offer cars as per buyer's preference. He said, “It’s a long-term plan (for us). The thought process is changing. You really have to respond to what the customers need quickly. If somebody wants his or her vehicle to have specific features, then we would have to be in a position to deliver it.”

This is not the first time that the company has decided to opt for customisation. In 2007, Maruti customised the multi-purpose Versa for its buyers who wanted to use it as taxi by segregating the driver compartment.

Dayal further commented that the company is planning to set up logistic hubs, where the process of vehicle customisation will take place. Maruti has already set up a plant in Bangalore, which spreads over an area of 120 acres. It is planning another hub in Nagpur and also in Siliguri and Panagarh, both of which are in West Bengal. After setting up the hub in these places, the company will shift its focus to Gujarat. These logistic hubs will have all types of advanced machines that are needed for customisation of automobiles.

“Some customer may want something with the steering, while others may want different looking wheels. The dealers don’t have to stock the parts, particularly the slow-moving ones, which we will provide ourselves,” added Dayal.

Dayal also said that as the delivery would be done within 12 to 24 hours, the customers will not have to wait for longer duration. On the contrary, when the cars are sent to the dealers, they take approximately 6 to 8 days for customisation. According to the executive director, this move is a 'win-win situation' for all including buyers, dealers and the company. He stated that “Customers would be delighted to get fast response from us. The dealers can free up their money locked in spares and use it in more productive purposes while the company would become better equipped to serve its customers.”

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