Maruti Suzuki Swift v/s Honda Brio - A facelift Comparison

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Indian streets are filled with middle ranged cars, because of the large presence of price sensitive buyers here. Two such cars, which also provide stiff competition to each other, are Maruti Suzuki Swift and Honda Brio. Both of them have enjoyed their individual market, but have also provided a rigid competition to each other. A facelift comparison to these two variants is stated.

Maruti Suzuki Swift v/s Honda Brio - A facelift Comparison |
Maruti Suzuki Swift

With the unveiling of the New Maruti Swift facelift, a whole new lot of redesigning has been done by the company. Although, a person might recognize this car from the exteriors to face a resemblance with the older hatchback, the power of the engine has seen a reduction in this new version from 85.8 bhp to 83.1 bhp for increasing the fuel efficiency. The alloy wheels have been redesigned to last for a longer duration. Another change has been brought to the front bumper and the honeycomb grille present in the front of the car. The new Swift facelift is also available in new colours that were not available for Maruti Swift.

Honda Brio

Honda has also revealed a prominent presence in the market with the settling down of rumours of the launch of the facelift of Honda Brio by accepting the work being done on it. The exact dates for the launch of this facelift are yet a secret. The New Honda Brio is expected to have a new bumper and grille design as they launched in the new version of Honda Brio in Thailand. Small variations in the 1.2L four-cylinder i-VTEC petrol engine are also expected to be present in this hatchback model of Honda Brio. The Honda Brio gets its trademark recognition from the unique back design, which no other car manufacturing company in India provides.

Both these cars enjoy a handsome fan base. It’ll be interesting to see how the new and improved models of these already existing cars work in the automobile market in India.

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