Maruti Suzuki's Swift and Datsun's Go hatchback fails the NCAP Crash tests

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Maruti Suzuki Swift has been leading the pack among hatchback cars in India, whereas Datsun's Go hatchback has been a lucrative offering the budget hatchback segment. Surprisingly, both the cars, Swift from Maruti Suzuki and Go from Datsun have reportedly failed the crash tests carried on Indian cars by Global NCAP.

Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki Swift

Based on 64km/h frontal collision test conducted by the company, the Maruti Suzuki's Swift has received a Zero star rating. Maruti Suzuki sells two variants of this vehicle, one which sells as base variant in India, whereas the other that sells in Latin-Amercian markets. The base variant in Latin American market also features safety features like ABS and Airbags to comply with local standards. Maruti Suzuki's Swift failed the test even before undergoing controlled crash tests as the Global NCAP's testing protocol states that vehicles need to carry airbags and ABS systems even before coming for the tests. Crash test reports indicate that the structural integrity of the vehicle is also unstable.

Datsun GO

The Europe made Swift reportedly gets sturdier structure and other safety features that has earned itself a 5 - Star crash certification from Euro-NCAP. Datsun's Go hatchback has also failed the crash test poorly. Things were not expected to be positive for Datsun Go anyways as the hatchback lacked features like ABS and airbags. The dummies used in the test, suffered some major hits in the torso, legs and head regions, thereby indicating a great chance of fatal injury.

Speaking more on the occasion the Nissan brand which has been leading the Datsun brand in India said to sources, “Automotive regulation standards in fast-growing countries are constantly evolving and as a global manufacturer, we are willing to adopt as well as help evolve standards in vehicular safety.”

Source: NDTV

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