Maruti Suzuki maintains steady pace despite turbulence

Tuesday 01 May 2012, 11:42 AM by

The Directorial Board of Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), the largest car manufacturer in India, stated their consent over the financial outcomes for the quarter ending on 31st March, 2012 and for the fiscal year 2011 on 28th April 2012.

Quarter 4 2011-12

Q4 2011-12 Q4 2010-11 % change
Net Sales Rs. 114,864 Mn Rs 97,967 Mn Up by 17.2%
Net Profit Rs. 6,398 Mn Rs. 6,599 Mn Down by 3%
Total Volume 360,334 nos 343,340 nos Up by 4.9%

MSIL registered overall sales of 3,60,334 units during the quarter, which showed a growth of 4.9 per cent as compared to 3,43,340 units, which was reported during the corresponding period last year.

Despite the significant impact felt due to opposing currency trends, the company was able to stabilise its condition by the measures of internal cost control and localisation of resources.

Financial Year 2011-12

2011-12 2010-11 % change
Net Sales Rs. 347,059 Mn Rs. 358,490 Mn Down by 3.2%
Net Profit Rs. 16,351 Mn Rs. 22,887 Mn Down by 28.6%
Total Volume 1,133,695 nos 1,271,005 nos Down by 10.8%
Domestic 1,006,316 nos 1,132,739 nos Down by 11.2%
Exports 127,379 nos 138,266 nos Down by 7.9%

During the year, MSIL's overall profit/loss ratio was affected because of the negative currency trends and rise in the price of commodities. A slow pace in the auto market and the inclination of buyers towards diesel engine cars also created an impact on the performance.

Dividend maintained at 150 per cent

For fiscal 2011, the MSIL's Board of Directors suggested to pay a dividend of 150 per cent, which states Rs. 7.00 on every share that has a face value of Rs. 5.00. However, the dividend paid in the fiscal 2010 was also 150 per cent.

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