Maruti Suzuki launches revamped Ritz diesel; customers rejoice

Tuesday 04 September 2012, 12:02 PM by

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL), the country's largest passenger car maker, has launched the facelifted version of its popular Ritz hatchback in diesel variant. The car was introduced on September 3, 2012 with a price tag of Rs. 5.31 lacs in Mumbai. It appears as if the company is determined to put the Manesar incident behind and begin a new chapter in the Indian auto market.

Maruti Suzuki launches revamped Ritz diesel; customers rejoice   |
Maruti Suzuki launches revamped Ritz diesel; customers rejoice

Speaking on the new launch, Manohar Bhat, Vice President (VP), Marketing, MSIL, affirmed that the new diesel Ritz combines prime driving pleasure with excellent fuel economy. He further added that MSIL is extremely happy with the Ritz, since it exceeded the company's expectations and recorded sales of more than 2 lacs in just 37 months of its existence in the Indian market.

The new revamped Ritz diesel fleet will comprise of four models that are available between a price bracket of Rs. 5.31 lacs and Rs. 6.23 lacs. The top-end model is called Ritz Zdi while the base model is given the nomenclature as Ritz Ldi.

The newly refreshed version of Ritz features a 1248cc DDiS powertrain which carries with it a power output of 73.9 bhp at 4,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 190 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The well developed engine is laced with a 5-step multi-injection technology, which ensures smooth and effortless driving.

MSIL has also incorporated comfortable interiors and has enhanced the car seats by providing lumbar support to them. The middle and top-end variants are also given a brand new dual red colour scheme with the ZDi model being trimmed with new additions like air-bags, steering mounted audio controls and alloy wheels.

As affirmed by Bhat, the most enticing feature of the reworked diesel Ritz is its fuel economy which has been increased by 10 per cent at 23.2 kmpl from the earlier 21.1 kmpl mark. The new rating is certified as per CMVR Rule 115. The refurbished car will surely be loved by Indian car enthusiasts as fuel economy of a vehicle is a major concern among them.

Reportedly, there have been some 52 modifications in the spruced up Ritz diesel hatchback which comprise multi-information display panel, stylish new front look, enhanced body moldings, smiling grille and an integrated rear spoiler among others. Additionally, the new Ritz is available in three new different colours, such as Mystique Red, Breeze Blue and Granite Grey.

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